Project Rising Spirit

Project Rising Spirit


Hideyoshi Iwatsu


Transformed Angelo Mortalli Into Bloodshot


Project Rising Spirit, October 1970

Devised by Hideyoshi Iwatsu, the two main objectives of Project Rising Spirit are to prolong his own life and create an elite army of superhuman killing machines loyal only to the Iwatsu clan.

Project Rising Spirit began as a continuation of Nazi Germany's "Schwarz Tod" (Black Death) Para-Human experiments. When word reached the British Empire about Iwatsu's intentions, England began their own Para-Human development, Project Hope and Glory.


1992: The Iwatsu Corporation in Southern California is the Home of Project: Rising Spirit

Dubbed the Bloodshot Procedure, the process undergone by select individuals involves draining off their blood and replacing it with a plasma infusion that contains microscopic cellular automatons called Nanites.

Those few who survive the infusion, dubbed “Speedshots”, possess superhuman strength and endurance, but, unfortunately, their life spans dwindle down to a few days or weeks as the heightened metabolic rate burn out their bodies.

The only true survivor of the process is Angelo Mortalli, the hero known as Bloodshot.