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"It is our duty as sages and leaders."

The Chinese Sage is a founder of The Sect, a multi-theosophic covert faction which aim is to destroy Aram Anni-Padda, the immortal Armstrong, whom they believe to be the devil incarnate whose existence creates an imbalance in the great wheel of karma that topples the whole of reality. The Chinese Sage believes it is their duty to destroy the devil incarnate called Armstrong.

Formation of the SectEdit

The identities of the Sect’s founders and the beginnings of their quest against Aram have been lost to the ravages of time, but there exist two accounts of its foundation that originate with Aram himself… which, truthfully, leaves their validity in question.

Birthday BashEdit

The earliest account of the Sect's origin dates back to the trade-route city of Dedan in 48 C.E., when Clovius, son of Upati-a-Hšu, met with an African King, an Arab Potentate, a Chinese Sage, a Christian Leader, an Indian Prince, a Jewish Scholar, and other monarchs from the known world. During this encounter of revered figures, Clovius related the story of how Aram deceived his father into believing that he gained his immortality from a concoction of pig’s urine, goat’s bile, and a dollop of bitter herbs, a brew that his father still begged for on his deathbed.

After sharing their beliefs that Aram was a manifestation of Satan that tempted the Nazarene in the desert and a powerful demon who served Nebuchadnezzar when he laid waste to Jerusalem and Makkah whose existence unbalanced the wheel of karma, the Arab Potentate suggested they join his quest to destroy the evil incarnate. While the Chinese Sage believed it was their duty, the Jewish Scholar suggested they make a sacred pact they would forever be allies against the abomination and come together as a multi-theosophic sect dedicated to his extermination, which, at the urging of the Indian Prince, would remain secret lest they panic the rabble.

The monarchs pledged their followers and resources to their task and set out to spread the word among the learned, wise, just, and courts of noble and powerful rulers that had the wit to understand their cause and armies to commit to it. While Clovius declared that there would be no safe place in the world for Aram, the Indian Prince proclaimed that they would never speak the name of the great defiler as doing so legitimized its existence, a suggestion the Jewish Scholar noted made their cause more intriguing to those they wished to enlist. Once in agreement to the tenets of their quest, the rulers placed their hands in a circle and blessed their secret sect, so they might save the world and bring death to the demon whose name must not be spoken.